Playing the Game

Statistics are the measure by which your character can interact with the world around them. 

There are seven core stats that govern most things in Forgotten Shores.

Strength: A measure of both raw physical might and prowess with your hands. Strength can be used to life a heavy boulder, or swing a melee weapon.
Endurance: A measure of how much physical trauma a character can take. It also governs resilience to inebriates, disease and poison, and stamina
Agility: Covers how fast a character can move, how well they react to danger, or dodge out of range of an attack

A single round is comprised of every character and NPC's turn. Each actor receives one Reaction on each round. 
When a characters turn comes in the Initiative Order, they gain two Actions that they may spend how they wish. A complete list of actions will follow in the main book. 
A character can stack as many of the same activities into one Action as they wish, but it incurs a stacking penalty. 

For example, Scott is trying to escape from an underground cultist den. He runs at top speed for both of his actions. As he runs, he attempts to fire some shots at his pursuers to slow them down. Since he's running, he suffers a -10 to the shots. 
Alternatively, he could decide to run, fire off shots with a gun in each hand. Both shots suffer a -20 penalty.
If he wishes to get really masterful

Playing the Game

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